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Organic Fertilizer Production Line
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Organic -Inorganic Fertilizer Production Line

Our organic-Inorganic fertilizer production line is a kind of commonly used fertilizer production line for both manufacturing the organic- inorganic fertilizer granule.  Its annual capacity is from 10,000 to 200,000tons per year.


Our organic-Inorganic fertilizer production line is composed of the single equipment as follows.

  1. Automatic Feeding system/Pan Mixer
  2. Pan/Drum Granulator
  3. Drum Drier
  4. Drum Cooler
  5. Sieving Machine
  6. Automatic Packing Machine

Raw Materials for Organic-Inorganic  Fertilizer Production line

  1. Organic Raw Materials such as Animal Manure ,Humic acid
  2. Inorganic Materials such as Urea, MAP, DAP , MOP, SOP

The Specification of Organic-Inorganic Fertilizer Granule

  1. NPK 10-5-10 +Organic Matter 20%, NPK 12-8-15 +Organic Matter :20%
  2. Size : from 2mm to 4.75mm , which can be produced according to your requirement
  3. Moisture <5% , which can be controlled according to your requirement .

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Here are the pictures of Equipment as follows .