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Spraying Granulation Production Line

Spraying Granulation production line is a kind of commonly used fertilizer production line for both manufacturing the organic and inorganic fertilizer granule.  Its annual capacity is from 20,000 to 50,000tons per year .



The  Spraying granulation production line is composed of the single equipment as follows.

1) Spraying Granulator

2)Bucket Elevator

3)Drum Cooler

4)Sieving Machine

5) Recycle Material Crusher

6) Dust Removing System

7)Automatic Packing Machine


Raw Materials for  Spraying Granulation Production line are as follows .


1) MSG Waste Liquid (Monosodium Glutamate Waste Liquid)

2) Waste Liquid of Papermaking

3) Biogas slurry

4) Sludge slurry


The required solid content of liquid should reach: 50-55%

Required temperature for granulation should reach: 400-500 degrees

Fuel: coal, natural gas, heavy oil.

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The Pictures of Equipment are as follows .