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Organic -Inorganic Fertilizer Production Line
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The Fermentation, Dring & Crushing and Granulation Production line for Palm Fiber

This production line is composed of three parts as follows .

I First Parts is the Fermentation Production Line for the Palm Fiber after extracting oil from Palm Fruit

II Second Parts is the Drying and Crushing Production line for Fermented Palm Fiber

III Third Parts is the Granulation Production line for Palm Fiber Powder


The Fermentation, Drying , Crushing & Granulation Production Line for Palm Fiber

Raw Materials : Palm Fiber

The Specification of Organic-Inorganic Fertilizer Granule

  1. The Content of Organic Matter >60%, Total Organic NPK from Palm Fiber >7%
  2. Size : from 2mm to 4.75mm , which can be produced according to your requirement
  3. Moisture <15% , which can be controlled according to your requirement .

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Here are the pictures of Palm Fiber Fermentation , Drying and Crushing Production line as follows .


Here are the pictures of Palm Fiber Powder Granulation Production line as follows .